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The artists of Songs In His Presence

What Is Songs In His Presence?

Hi, and welcome to the Songs In His Presence web site. As part of your visit, you would probably like to know a little about just who we are and what we are trying to do.

As for who we are, the picture above includes all of us that we could get together in the same place at the same time. You can see that we are a broad mixture of men and women, young and old. We are bound together by our love of music and love of the Lord.

Many of us have been working together at making music for church and worship use for over 20 years, in both ecumenical renewal communities and the Catholic parish of Christ the King in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Most recently, our efforts have centered on creating music for use at Christ the King. There we identified with those many parish music ministers unable to find the kinds of music they wanted to play: current in style, directed to the Lord, and deeply prayerful.

The Lord met our need by sending us a number of very gifted musicians and some ten excellent composers from our members and friends. From this mix has come a broad variety of new music uniquely able to foster song as prayer and intimate communion with Jesus. The music flows from our experience of spiritual renewal and community, and expresses deep worship.

Since it met our needs so well, we think that it will also be able to fill the needs of other parish music directors, worship leaders, and Christian believers.

Songs In His Presence has been formed to share this new music with others. It works well in spontaneous formats like prayer meetings to support prayer and praise. It is also well suited to the more organized pattern of a Catholic Mass, for which much of the music was first composed. In fact, the "Psalms" CD is a collection of Psalms expressly composed for use at Mass.

We have always placed emphasis on playability and singability in our music. Simple piano or guitar accompaniment is generally sufficient. At the same time, those with access to more sophisticated instrumental support will find that this music expands readily.

Since our goal is to supply music that you can sing in your own assemblies, we have produced printed music for over 100 titles in the form of guitar/vocal lead sheets, piano/vocal scores, vocal arrangements, choral octavos, and instrumental parts. With the CDs as guides for many of our songs, you will be immediately able to adapt this music for your own use. Many of the SIHP composers and others including the prolific praise and worship leader Jim Cowan have recently joined International Liturgy Publications and are contributing to the extensive and new "St. Augustine Hymnal" set to be released soon. The hymnal is the best mix of traditional hymnody, the most beloved contemporary and traditional Catholic standards, and inspired new songs by ILP composers. Around 80 of our titles are being included. There will be a soft-cover and hard cover (customizable) edition.

Questions? Send us an email at info@SongsInHisPresence.com, or call us at (734) 507-1604.



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